Sono’s Educated Pub Crawl

Norwalk notables will transform your favorite watering holes into vibrant venues of literary delight for one night only, Tuesday, March 4th.

This inaugural Lit Crawl, modeled after similar events in San Francisco, NYC, Seattle and London, promises a feast for the brain as well as the belly. Scintillating storytelling of classical and not-so-classical works, plus a sampling of culinary delights washed down with your favorite quaff, will really put you in a literary spirit.

Attend one venue or “crawl” to all three! Best part is that all proceeds will benefit the Norwalk Reads program. Grab a group of your favorite crawlers and come join the literary scene.

Click HERE to sign up today.

Your $10 donation will benefit Norwalk Reads, so please select them from the “Donation Fund” drop down.

Click HERE for a List of Our Readers